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A-Passioni Retinol Cream - Drunk Elephant

RM 390.00

Probably the most wanted skin care range ever, Drunk Elephant is worth the hype – and then some... Founded by Tiffany Masterson, who wanted a clean break from toxins and the ‘Suspicious 6’ (essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical screens, fragrance/dyes and SLS) this brand has created a whole new category in the beauty space: ‘Clean-Clinical’. Answering the prayers of many a Drunk Elephant devotee, this comforting, silicone-free formulation features 1% retinol, alongside powerhouse ingredients such as passionfruit, apricot, kale and winter cherry extracts, plus peptides and fatty acids. Gently promoting skin renewal and boosting collagen production, this powerhouse product minimises the appearance of signs of ageing to reveal vibrant, youthful-looking skin.