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Available in 60 shades
Finally. A foundation throwing major shade. 60 to be exact. Shades to fit you. And you. And you. Because the shade struggle is real. Meet a long-wearing, full-coverage foundation that performs like a boss and is not caught in the middle or playing sides. But instead, values your hue (and your wallet). The shade game is officially over. Your face has finally found its place in the world. Say hello to an all-in kind of foundation. All the soft matte coverage. All the time. For all our babes.


  • 24-hour-long wear
  • Sweatproof, transfer-resistant, water-resistant
  • Free of oils, fragrance, and parabens
  • Great for all skin types

LEVEL 1: Light
F1.10 (NEUTRAL: fairest with neutral undertones)

F1.20 (NEUTRAL: fairest with slightly yellow undertones)

F1.30 (COOL: fairest with pink undertones)

F1.40 (WARM: fair with yellow undertones)

F1.50 (NEUTRAL: fair with neutral undertones)

F1.60 (NEUTRAL: fair with slightly pink undertones)

F1.70 (NEUTRAL: fair with slightly peach undertones)

F1.80 (WARM: light with yellow undertones)

F1.90 (OLIVE: light with neutral green undertones)

F1.100 (NEUTRAL: light with slightly pink undertones)

F1.110 (COOL: light with pink undertones)

F1.120 (NEUTRAL: light with neutral undertones)

LEVEL 2: Medium
F2.10 (COOL: light with slightly peach undertones)

F2.20 (NEUTRAL: light medium with neutral undertones)

F2.30 (WARM: light medium with golden undertones)

F2.40 (NEUTRAL: light medium with peach undertones)

F2.50 (OLIVE: light medium with yellow-green undertones)

F2.60 (NEUTRAL: medium with neutral undertones)

F2.70 (NEUTRAL: medium with slightly peach undertones)

F2.80 (WARM: medium with golden undertones)

F2.90 (WARM: medium with peach undertones)

F2.100 (WARM: medium with rich golden undertones)

F2.110 (NEUTRAL: medium with slightly golden undertones)

F2.120 (NEUTRAL: medium with slightly pink undertones)

LEVEL 3: Tan
F3.10 (WARM: medium with slightly peach undertones)

F3.20 (OLIVE: medium with golden-green undertones)

F3.30 (WARM: medium tan with rich golden undertones)

F3.40 (NEUTRAL: medium tan with peach undertones)

F3.50 (NEUTRAL: tan with neutral undertones)

F3.60 (WARM: tan with golden undertones)

F3.70 (NEUTRAL: tan with slightly golden undertones)

F3.80 (COOL: tan with slightly red undertones)

F3.90 (WARM: tan with peach undertones)

F3.100 (OLIVE: tan with rich golden-green undertones)

F3.110 (NEUTRAL: deep tan with slightly red undertones)

F3.120 (WARM: deep tan with rich red undertones)

LEVEL 4: Rich
F4.10 (WARM: deep tan with golden undertones)

F4.20 (WARM: deep tan with rich golden undertones)

F4.30 (WARM: deep tan with golden peach undertones)

F4.40 (NEUTRAL: rich with neutral undertones)

F4.50 (WARM: rich with golden red undertones)

F4.60 (COOL: rich with cool red undertones)

F4.70 (WARM: rich with slightly red undertones)

F4.80 (NEUTRAL: rich with golden undertones)

F4.90 (WARM: rich with deep peach undertones)

F4.100 (WARM: rich with warm red undertones)

F4.110 (OLIVE: rich with neutral green undertones)

F4.120 (COOL: rich with deep red undertones)

LEVEL 5: Deep
F5.10 (COOL: rich with cool peach undertones)

F5.20 (WARM: deep with neutral golden undertones)

F5.30 (WARM: deep with rich peach undertones)

F5.40 (WARM: deep with golden undertones)

F5.50 (WARM: deep with rich red undertones)

F5.60 (NEUTRAL: deep with neutral undertones)

F5.70 (WARM: deepest with peach red undertones)

F5.80 (NEUTRAL: deepest with slightly golden undertones)

F5.90 (OLIVE: deepest with rich green undertones)

F5.100 (NEUTRAL: deepest with slightly red undertones)

F5.110 (WARM: deepest with rich red undertones)

F5.120 (NEUTRAL: deepest with neutral undertones)


Net Wt. 30 mL / 1 fl. oz.