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Facial sunscreen that protects against photoaging, high protection (SPF 30). 

A fast-absorbing cream for fair skin that burns easily and is slow to tan. The cream is ideal for intense sun exposure, for a gradual tan sun and for the first few days of sunbathing. The product prevents rashes and sun spots, and provides long-lasting moisture* for an intense, natural and radiant tan.

The light texture glides on easily and gives tanned skin a radiant glow. 

The innovative ANTI OX UV DEFENCE sunscreen protects against UVA/UVB/IR rays and oxidative stress. This system ensures complete sun protection, maintaining your skin's beauty by means of an intense antioxidant action. The latest filters that retain their integrity upon exposure to heat and light provide advanced protection against the following:

- UVB rays, which penetrate the epidermis and are responsible for immediately visible reactions such as rashes, burns and dehydration;

- UVA I and UVA II rays, which penetrate the dermis to variable depths and are responsible for photo-aging: discolouration, sun spots, wrinkles and intense dehydration;

- the thermal effects due to IR rays, which generate heat causing dehydration and an increase in free radicals, responsible for skin aging.

Dermatologically tested to ensure sun protection, thermostability, photostability, water resistance and hydration.* 



Tested on sensitive skin.