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We can take in almost anything! Cosmetics, clothings, shoes, bags, etc.
(except for prohibited items which includes nail polish, nail polish remover, fragrances, body mists containing alcohol, aerosol can sprays, hand sanitizer)  

How to order:
1. Send us the link of the item you would like to purchase (together with the size/colour) through:
WHATSAPP: +60176943668
EMAIL: [email protected]

2. We also accept coupon codes if there is any

3. We will quote you the price of the good. 

How do we calculate?:
[price of item + domestic shipping in united states + tax] / current exchange rate (based on bank rate) + estimated shared shipping fee to Malaysia + domestic shipping in Malaysia to your area

Do note that the shipping fee to Malaysia is only estimated and there will be extra charges if the item appears to be heavier or costs more for shipping to Malaysia
For US merchants that accepts ONLY US issued credit cards, there will be an additional 10% charge as a 3rd party purchaser will be involved. 

4. Payment to Maybank

5. Wait for the items to arrive ( eta unpredictable as it depends on the seller on sending the item to the warehouse)

6. We will announce to you if there is any updates 

Taking almost any orders from online stores from United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Taiwan!